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Monday, January 22, 2007

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

A BIG ol mouthful, isn't it?
Wellllll! My Vice President is receiving one. She was nominated at the federal level which is a different distinction than receiving it from an accredited organization.

I'm giddy!
She deserves this recognition for her time and dedication more than anyone I know. She's receiving it at the White House no less. Not sure who from, but at the WH all the same. When? During our trip there together next month. I wrote the letter for the nomination that was REQUESTED (oooooh ahhhh!) from a WH staffer. So while there, I get to see her recieve this very special distinction.

That's right kids! I'm heading back ot the White House. By invitation again.
Very exciting stuff!!!!

Work is progressing so quickly nowadays I can hardly stand it. I look forward to and dread each day because I need help, I need staff, I need an office outside of my home!!!!

But we're getting there and each day we get a teensy bit closer to the big goals.

Better pix than last time to follow soon!


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